Care Solutions Inc.

Charlotte Pelz

Position: Vice President, Early Childhood Education
Categories: Program Consulting

Clairvoyance would be my superpower. We often must figure out mysteries and interpret our customers’ requests. It would be so helpful if we knew what others were thinking so we could get them on the right path instantly!

I would like to take a course on knitting. I am not crafty and am envious of people who are. I tried a pottery class, which was comical. I would like to learn how to do something creative like that . . . and

I have a little jar of Frazier fir pine needles on my desk. My grandfather kept them in little bowls around his house, so my grandparents’ home always had that pine-y smell. My cousin gave it to me to remind me of happy memories at their house.

Our unofficial office mascot? I mean, it’s Tiffany Teacher of course!