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Solutions that matter.

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Are you gaining maximum value from your organization’s data?

Unleashing the power of your data to make better decisions is a strong differentiator in today’s business landscape.  But all too often, leveraging data is inefficient, time-consuming and error-prone.

Data Challenges Solved

If you collect extensive data from multiple sources — a necessity for effective data analytics — you’ve likely discovered the need for effective data management solutions.

No matter what your data challenges may be, our consultants and development teams help enhance data quality, streamline data management, and optimize data integration across business functions.

Next-Level Efficiency and Confidence

We’ll start by partnering with you to assess your information needs and develop a tailored data management strategy. Then, we’ll design and build a custom technology solution aligned with your business objectives, providing the information your organization needs to address issues and capitalize on opportunities.

If you run a scholarship, tuition, or incentive program — or another public or private program that includes application, eligibility determination, and/or payment distribution— you know that the end-to-end operation is detailed, complex, and prone to human error.

From outreach and marketing to enrolling clients and determining eligibility; from invoicing agencies to distributing payments and tracking compliance— documenting program information and syncing data along the way — your program’s success is dependent on many moving parts.

Not Too Big. Not Too Small. A Just-Right Solution.

Agencies often struggle with logistics when running funded programs. Yet an integrated eligibility or contract management system can be cost-prohibitive, as well as overkill. That’s where Care Solutions comes in: We’ll create a custom technology solution meeting your exact requirements, including document management, outcomes measurement, program fidelity, and regulatory compliance. So you can streamline your operation and increase efficiency.

Outsourced Services

Some organizations prefer to outsource program operations to Care Solutions’ qualified teams. With over 30 years’ of experience as a leading provider to public and private agencies, we have vast experience successfully handling program complexities.

When we run a program on your behalf, our service teams and specialized software engineers ensure that:

  • The right populations are aware of your program (marketing).
  • Eligible recipients are correctly selected and enrolled (application and eligibility determination).
  • Recipients receive funds at the right time (accurate and timely invoicing and payment distribution).
  • Tracking and reporting to meet funder or regulatory requirements.

When you outsource to Care Solutions, you get both an expert operational partner and peace of mind so you can turn your attention to other needs within your organization.

Staff professional development is essential for performance, engagement, and growth — and often, industry compliance. But sourcing, delivering, and tracking compliance can be challenging. Many organizations turn to online course subscriptions, delivered, and tracked via a learning management system (LMS).

Care Solutions offers a full-featured, right-sized suite of services and technology solutions for small- and mid-sized organizations. Our solutions serve staff or clients who must meet mandatory training requirements or want to further their professional development. We offer these services through our training division, ProSolutions Training.

Courses, Technology, and Compliance? Check!

Our in-house instructional design experts produce high-quality, state-of-the-art online courseware. We also offer our own, feature-rich LMS with robust reporting and a SaaS-based add-on subscription toolkit called ProDashboard. With these products, you’ll get your staff up to speed while streamlining your training administration and reporting process.

Visit ProSolutions Training to learn more about our 230+ courses, available individually and via subscriptions. ProSolutions Training is an authorized provider of continuing education units (CEUs) by IACET.

Go Further with Specialty Services

If an off-the-shelf solution isn’t a good fit, engage our expert education and technology teams to create exactly what you need. We’ll design and develop your custom online courses (SCORM-compliant) for delivery through your LMS or ours. We can also white-label our courses so you can maintain branding consistency. And, our specialized approvals team will handle the complex, state-by-state process of getting your custom courses approved — saving your organization significant time and resources.