Care Solutions Inc.

Dawn Reed

Position: Chief Human Resources Officer
Categories: C-Suite

I would take a gardening class. I love to cook and have depended on a local CSA basket of fresh fruits and veggies every week for many years. I also grow my herbs and have grown lettuces and cherry tomatoes in my AeroGardens since the pandemic. It’s important to me to eat fresh and local foods, to eat healthily, and to support farmers. I had the fortune to grow up around my grandfather and father who planted and tended to large gardens and witnessed my grandmother, mother, and stepmother cook with those fruits and vegetables. It taught me a real appreciation of how the Earth and nature provide for us, and that the saying “You are what you eat” is really true! I’d love to take a class to learn more about growing and cooking foods I had a hand cultivating!

If we had an office time capsule, I would place a copy of our company’s vision, mission, and values into the time capsule. It took great thought and consideration to document them on paper, but once we did, it was easy to recognize that our staff lives it every day. It is who we are as a company, and I’d want future staff and readers to know that we iCARE!