Care Solutions Inc.

Kyzia Wint

Position: Associate, Early Childhood Education
Categories: Program Consulting

Pizza making is the course I’d love to take, especially authentic Neapolitan or Sicilian-style pizza. I just love it so much and can eat Antico Pizza every day. It’s just too good! It’s the New Yorker in me. I was introduced to pizza wayy too young. Now I’ll forever be obsessed and picky about my pizza!

A sunflower is my favorite desk decor! Charlotte my director had a box of things in the office that she was giving away and in it was a sunflower clip-on mirror for your desk so I snagged it. I have a very bright and bubbly personality like a sunflower but also the sunflower petals fall from the mirror, so I guess that could represent that sometimes I can be unhinged but in a good way! I just love being goofy!